PT Jembo Cable Company, Tbk. ( Jakarta : JECC) offers a wide selection of low voltage,
medium voltage, telecommunication, fiber optics, and custom cables for all your cabling needs.
Our cables are held to the highest quality control and conform to the national and international standards

Company  Investor     FAQ      
Q : When did Jembo go public? At what price?
A : Jembo went public on November 18, 1999 at a price of Rp. 4,750 per share.
Q : How many shares were offered in the IPO?
A : 10,000,000 shares were offered in the IPO.
Q : Who were the lead underwriters for the Jembo Initial Public Offering (IPO)?
A : The top 2 underwriters for Jembo's IPO were PT Peregrine Sewu Securities and PT Inter-Pacific Securities. For a complete list of underwriters, refer to our underwriter agreement filing, dated October 6, 1992.
Q : Where is Jembo stock traded?
A : Jembo stock is traded in the Jakarta Stock Exchange.
Q : What is the ticker symbol for Jembo's stock and how is it found in the financial pages of newspapers?
A : The ticker symbol for Jembo's stock is JECC and is listed in the financial pages as "JECC" or "Jembo".
Q : How does one trade Jembo stock?
A : Jembo stock can be purchased or sold through a registered stockbroker or bank and generally through any financial institution that provides brokerage services.
Q : Who is the transfer agent for Jembo's stock?
A : PT Datindo Entrycom +62-21-5709009 or Fax +62-21-5709026.
Q : How do I change my address on my Jembo stock certificate? Or change title on the stock?
A : All questions regarding your ownership of Jembo stock should be addressed to our transfer agent, PT Datindo Entrycom at +62-21-5709009.
Q : Does Jembo have a direct purchase plan?
A : No, Jembo currently does not have a direct purchase plan.
Q : Does Jembo issue dividends?
A : No, Jembo currently does not issue dividends.
Q : When did Jembo's stock split?
A : June 16, 1997, 2:1
Q : When do the fiscal quarters end?
A : Fiscal Quarter One: March 31; Fiscal Quarter Two: June 30; Fiscal Quarter Three: September 30; Fiscal Quarter Four: December 31
Q : Who are Jembo's top competitors?
A : PT Sucaco Tbk, PT Sumi Indo Kabel Tbk, PT Voksel Elektrik Tbk, PT Kabelindo Murni Tbk, and PT GT Kabel Indonesia Tbk represent companies that compete with Jembo. Some companies compete across all Jembo's product lines, while others do not offer as wide a breadth of cabling solutions.
Q : How long has Mary Ang Santoso been at Jembo? What is her background?
A : Mary Ang Santoso has 12 years of experience in management consulting and various management positions including production planning, local and export sales and has also served as Management Representative for 10 years. She joined Jembo in 2004, following her career as an independent management consultant based in Singapore.
Q : Who are Jembo's independent accountants?
A : Jembo's independent accountants are Hans Tuanakotta & Mustofa, member of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (Jakarta, Indonesia).
Q : What are the total sales in 2004 in comparison to the sales budget ?
A : Total Sales and compare budget in 2004 :
Sales Budget: Rp. 344,15,- (Millions) ; % From Budget: 100,0 %
Sales Actual: Rp. 338,66,- (Millions) ; % From Budget: 98.4 %
Variance:   Rp. 5.49,- (Millions) ; % From Budget: 1.6 %
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